Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Days We Went Crazy

My current life:

- 8 courses, none of which I love, but only one of which I hate... unfortunately, that is my major
- IT desk, where I do readings and/or watch videos
- Language lab, where I generally do readings
- French/Spanish tutor, which seems to not be doing much lately
- Freeway Cafe, where I get to hear wonderful bands and serve people fair-trade coffee
- Debutante/Amy, our indecisively-named band, where I get to hang out with my best friends and do the one thing we love most
- CEW Team, where we basically dance and worship creatively
- Green Team, where I get to make sure Redeemer is taking care of the environment as best as possible
- Environment Hamilton, where I make sure Hamilton keeps up with Redeemer :P
- Small Group leader, where I get to lead some youngsters (they're pretty much older than me) in our meetings about God; think church, but little
- Small Group Ministries Leader, where I make sure all the people doing that are doing it well
- Outdoors Club, where I get to spend time with Redeemerites and nature... all at once!
- Choir, which we all know is my favorite, where I apparently get to meet my future soprano husband? (come on; we all know I'm marrying a bass)
- Revival Prayer Team Leadership, where I get to make sure that Redeemer students are actively living out their faith... by praying for them
- Deeds Leadership, where I plan short-term missions trips and lead them!
-M.Ed theses, where I am translating correspondences between M.Ed students and administrators in Haiti and Dr. Sider, a professor at Redeemer

Occasionally there are some meals in there, sometimes a bit of sleep. Not too much, but enough!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Deep thoughts.

It's sad how true this is.

I once sat on a couch with my three best friends, watching a fan go back and forth. It wasn't because we had nothing to say, it was because the fan was more important to us, and at that moment far more interesting than anything we could say.

Side note: they are still my best friends and the distance between us all is pretty hard. I have no doubt, though, that when we get together over Christmas, we will still sit in our comfortable silence.

Sunday, September 7, 2008


The addition to Keith's blog in my blogroll is something of which you should all take note. For those of you who have had the privilege of knowing Keith, you know he is an incredible man of God. He is about to embark on an adventure which many Christians only dream about in the latest, darkest and most honest part of the night. Keith is driving South. I don't mean to Windsor, nor to I mean to somewhere in the United States. Keith is taking his little Toyota and driving as far south as one can get. Because he has been called to do so.

Says Keith: "Increasingly my existence is qualified by a mysterious connection of my heart to a supernatural entity that is forever outside of my comprehension and that I fumble to describe. I’ve never seen it and can’t explain it, but it exerts incredible force on a part of me, and in a way which, I don’t understand. But there is intelligence and compassion in it: life. . . personality. It has gained my trust and won my love, even returning it a thousand-fold. It has shown me truth and revealed His face."

Please keep him in your prayers. It is not every day that someone risks all they have for the gospel, especially not in our western world.