Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Superego, the Ego and the ID...

I enjoy Psychology class. I also enjoy Freud. In fact, I enjoy a lot of things! Like coffee. I enjoy deep conversations over coffee. I enjoy deep conversations. I enjoy deep conversations about God. I enjoy God!

Last night my dorm and I were discussing whether sarcasm is a good thing or not. One of my dorm mates claimed it is not God-honouring. I claimed that God knows the spirit behind it being a joke.

This led to a deep conversation about whether or not God has a sense of humour (and don't bring up the platypus). I sincerely think, if Jesus Christ were in the flesh among us today he would be the funniest man ever. My friend Abby can see humour in certain parts of the Bible. Like when God claimed it wasn't good for man to be alone. Picture what He was thinking! And when Jesus tells the fishermen to try the other side of the boat. The fisherman must have thought He was insane.  But I imagine inside that man was probably killing himself with laughter.

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