Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I Wanted to be Anything Different.

(A lyric from Different, a hauntingly beautiful song by Acceptance)

I have a to-do list. I used to make one at the beginning of every year, but this year I wasn't in the right state of mind to self-analyze. So, after being in a great and exciting place spiritually for a while, I have taken the time to examine myself and see where God wants me to go this year. And so far, this is what has come out of it. Keep me accountable please :)

- Find a long-term volunteer placement
- Cook a fancy meal for my house
- Keep in touch with Nathan
- Attend events both in Hamilton and Grimsby
- Get re-certified for my NLS
- Make a large donation to a cause I support
- Re-unite the "Fab Four"
- Get the Believe tattoo I have always wanted
- Get back to speaking terms with Sarah
- Write a song that I love -- not like
- Bleach my hair
- Healthily eliminate meat from my diet
- Eat a salad grown in my backyard
- Listen to every CD I own again
- Reduce my ecological footprint to 0.4
- Share a message in a formal setting
- Uncover and cultivate my strongest spiritual gift
- Build another drum kit -- smaller
- Create 5 inspired paintings
- Master my guitar
- Inspire somebody

PS: Italics = already done!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Teenage Heartbreak.

(A song by Eleventyseven).

While driving to a property this week, my co-workers and I saw a young pregnant girl on Barton Street. This is the conversation that followed:

Ashley: Everyone's pregnant nowadays!
Donna: Why?
Ashley: Love.
Erica: Welfare.

Side note: I bought blonde hair dye today...

Monday, May 19, 2008

My Alcoholic Friends.

(A song by the Dresden Dolls. Awesome lyrics.)

Parties are fun. Two in a row; twice the fun.
Here is a random party tip from Grimsby.

Kraft Dinner is really good when shared between ten best friends.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Grow Up and Blow Away.

(An album from Metric; worth a purchase if you're into Indie).

I have been very blessed this summer and able to take a step of maturity. I have been able to join a commune and rent a house. This step into adulthood has meant a lot to me. Getting the key from our superintendent, Hank, was one of the premier moments in my life as of now. I realize there are many downsides to this decision. I have been told countless times that the city in which I live is not a safe environment for a young lady to mature in, and I have experienced first-hand the terror of riding the bus alone and getting lost. Yet I have benefited more from this decision than I had expected, especially in lieu of the fact that I have yet to actually contact my potential employer and figure out where and when I should go to work.

Besides the psychological benefits of feeling mature, I have also been blessed enough to experience the rewards of living with more mature people. My dorming experience this year was less than rewarding. Living with five really irresponsible girls often left me in charge of tidying rooms, turning off lights and appliances and washing dishes. The most ridiculous part of all is that I am younger than each and every one of my dorm mates by a year or more. Therefore, it isn’t hard to see why spending a summer with fourth-year students and graduates is shaping up to be a nice experience.

The relief of knowing that dishes and chores will get done is beautiful. Even seeing dishes left in the sink doesn’t bother me, because I know that even if I wash these dishes I am not the only person tidying a mess that is not mine. And I know that often, these guys will clean up my messes. In addition to the beauty of a relatively clean living environment, I get to watch the interactions of mature people– meaning no cattiness. They aren’t clawing at each others' throats, aren’t forming alliances and spreading gossip, and aren’t blaming people for their own errors. In fact, these girls are modeling Christian love to each other in a way that I hope to learn and put into practice this summer and in the future. Even in the midst of disagreements, they are able to put their own feelings aside. It is a beautiful thing, and I am looking forward to the rest of the summer.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Time To Move On.

(A song by Tom Petty -- super good).
Since I am an expert at moving (I'd say 12 moves can qualify me for that title. I'd hate to be someone who's moved more than that!), I thought I would offer my suggestions for fellow house-shufflers.

1) Boxes don't always save space. Sometimes you need oddly-shaped things to cram into little spots in the van.
2) Sticky tack is NOT better off in a plastic bag. Just trust me.
3) Don't move in the rain if you can help it.
4) Dressers are lighter without the drawers.
5) Drawers can hold things inside them when they are stacked.
6) Hangers don't fit in boxes... unless they are metal and you have the time to bend them all.
7) Pay the housing deposit BEFORE you move in.
8) Buy some food before you move in. you know, in case you can't get to a grocery store for... say... 3 days.
9) Understand that boxes break and bags rip. But laundry baskets are eternal!
10) A phone line and internet connection are good things to set up. Soon.
11) Stealing the neighbor's internet connection is not nice.
12) Especially if you can only get it beside the window that has no view.
13) The longer you spend packing, the less time you will spend unpacking. You pick which one you want to take longer.
14) Having someone help you is always nice.
15) Having more someones to help is even nicer.
Bonus tip:
16) Don't let a metal bed-frame sit against a van window. In case of ... er .... sudden turns.