Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Someone Makes Love; Love Makes Someone.

Speak with passion and others can feel the power of your words. Stop making sense and start making love. Sometimes I think speaking and dancing were separated at birth and are longing to find each other again.
--Ben Lee.

People around here just need to calm down, take a breath, check themselves and remember love.


Anonymous said...

People around here need to check themselves, take a deep breath, and remember to sign their names

Erica said...

I find it interesting that an anonymous poster said that.
Because I agree with you, I will no longer allow anonymous comments.
Also, since I'm assuming you're accusing me of writing the anonymous letter to Redeemer, I will respond to that assumption:
I did not write it.
Finally, if you have a problem with me or anything I do or have done, man up and talk to me about it in person. Heck, Facebook me if you can't find the guts to do it face-to-face. This is getting to be ridiculous and immature and I'm not continuing it anymore.