Sunday, February 13, 2011

How Cavalier We Used to Be

It was over 15 degrees in Paris this week.  Before that, I was in Italy with some sunshine and warmth.  I've been out dancing late into the nights and sleeping in on the weekends.  It all makes me excited for the summer.

I'm spending this summer the way I really want to.  Sunshine and working hard all day, spending my evenings doing whatever I want.

Also, I had my graduation ceremony from the Sorbonne.  It was awesome, and I got to keep my hat and gown.  So far, the hat has been involved in dancing and eating at Subway.  I think I've earned the right to wear it wherever and whenever I want, including public places.

Note to friends:  you may not want to be caught in public with me for the next few weeks until the novelty wears off!


Anonymous said...

I fully support your freedom to wear your academic hat when/wherever you like -- of course, with the qualification that you avoid deliberately dishonouring it. You know…don't start a ketchup+mustard food-fight at Subway while wearing it, that sort of thing.

Erica said...

Why thank you, Joel! I can't make any promises -- these things do happen -- but I will try to honour the hat as best as possible. I am going to wear it to class this afternoon, in fact, including my hour-long ride on the Metro!