Saturday, June 7, 2008

The Feel-Good Drag

(A song by Anberlin, my current band crush).

Most of what David McWane says is hard to read with a smile. I find his writings to be brutally honest, if not pessimistic, and altogether too jaded to enjoy. However I couldn't help but let my mind wander into semi-agreement with him as I read this quote today:

"humanity keeps you in it's grid
with their laws, religions, social expectations,
adverts, healthcare plans, retirement threats,
hight rents, low wages.
with the fear of locals
news whispering to you loudly
and most of humanity
locked up in this grid of today's society
but not all - not the insane
not the crazed
not the drugs users
not the entrepreneurs
the artists
or the fortunate
no, not all of humanity is tamed"


Joel f said...

Yes! We artists are right up there with the insane and the crazed!!

Erica said...

Don't forget the drug users :)