Tuesday, June 17, 2008

We Are Nowhere and it's Now.

(Bright Eyes rocks my socks right off).

If you're wondering what's new in my life, my employer hasn't paid me in the month I've been slaving away for him. I'm also planning on reporting him to the Health and Safety Standards committee since we use no safety equipment. However, I need my paycheck first. And then I will be jobless. I'm out of food already lol. Though, I have tons of peanut butter and potatoes. And I went resume dropping with Maryanne today, so we'll see if something turns up. As well, my father and I fought today over his alcoholism. I'm not as upset as I would have expected though, likely because he hasn't been around for a few (read:12) years. And I apparently have to choose between him and my mom and older sister. So I guess I chose my mom and sister. But not on purpose. If I could truly choose, I'd make us all love each other. Oh well! Also, I'm doing a CD exchange with Elle, and soon I get to see the next Star Wars movie in my continuing adventure called "Catching Up to All the Other Youth in Canada".

PS: I love this...


Joel f said...

Aw, Erica! I'm sad for you.

Good on you for not putting up with your employer any more (though I can see the point of waiting for your cheque first :)

question: what order are you watching the Star Wars movies?

Erica said...

Good question... um, I think the order that they were made in.