Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Days We Went Crazy

My current life:

- 8 courses, none of which I love, but only one of which I hate... unfortunately, that is my major
- IT desk, where I do readings and/or watch videos
- Language lab, where I generally do readings
- French/Spanish tutor, which seems to not be doing much lately
- Freeway Cafe, where I get to hear wonderful bands and serve people fair-trade coffee
- Debutante/Amy, our indecisively-named band, where I get to hang out with my best friends and do the one thing we love most
- CEW Team, where we basically dance and worship creatively
- Green Team, where I get to make sure Redeemer is taking care of the environment as best as possible
- Environment Hamilton, where I make sure Hamilton keeps up with Redeemer :P
- Small Group leader, where I get to lead some youngsters (they're pretty much older than me) in our meetings about God; think church, but little
- Small Group Ministries Leader, where I make sure all the people doing that are doing it well
- Outdoors Club, where I get to spend time with Redeemerites and nature... all at once!
- Choir, which we all know is my favorite, where I apparently get to meet my future soprano husband? (come on; we all know I'm marrying a bass)
- Revival Prayer Team Leadership, where I get to make sure that Redeemer students are actively living out their faith... by praying for them
- Deeds Leadership, where I plan short-term missions trips and lead them!
-M.Ed theses, where I am translating correspondences between M.Ed students and administrators in Haiti and Dr. Sider, a professor at Redeemer

Occasionally there are some meals in there, sometimes a bit of sleep. Not too much, but enough!

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Dave Carrol said...

jeepers... make sure you leave time for coffee ok?